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Is it me, or do some of the responses described in these make you sound like a smartass, the kind of smartass that the cops like to hate.

Have you been drinking?
I don't have to answer that.

Who says that??? Unless they've actually been drinking and don't want to admit, I can't help but think the truth is much more likely to keep you out of trouble than that answer is.

I've answered "yes" to this question once: "Yes, I had a glass of champagne and a beer, I visited my girlfriend for her birthday, I was there for several hours", the cop didn't think anything of it and let me off the hook with a warning for speeding. Imagine if I had said "I don't (legally speaking) have to answer that".


Example 2:
Many of these articles/video's suggest cracking your window only enough so you can hear each other/pass license and registration through. That's going to make the cop suspect all kinds of things he may not have initially even been thinking about. I always (in the 3-4 times I've been pulled over) rolled my window down the whole way and put my hands on the steering wheel while the cop approaches (while blaring fuck the police by ratm, j/k).

To sum it up, being straight forward (to a point) with cops has always worked out better for me. There is no point avoiding incriminating yourself if they can legally prove it anyway. I've you've been drinking and they pulled you over because you were swerving/puking/driving erratically, isn't that enough grounds for them to breathalyze you? Now, if you were speeding, I would definitely say "I'd prefer you tell me how fast I was going" but in many other cases, I don't think some of the suggestions in these "know your rights" things are actually going to work in your favor.


You rolled a stop sign
"if you say so..." = trouble
"sorry about that officer" = a chance at getting away with a warning

Have you been drinking?
"I dont have to answer that"
"I had a beer with dinner", "yes, I was at a bar", "Yes, I've had a lot of officers, beer"
How much?
"I don't have to answer that", "3 beers", "2 beers", "Just breathalyze me, I'm probably in trouble..."

TLDR: I feel sometimes the know-your-rights videos/graphics/articles give bad suggestions.

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