Knowing What You Want

So is this what getting older is like? Before I would want all the cars and would constantly think about all the cars I see on the street. In the past year or so I still think about other cars but they don’t do much for me aside from a slight 1-day fantasy.

I think about STis, M3s, and M5s but then they just don’t a lot for me anymore. Same with the McLaren Senna and the Ferrari 488 GTB. I was watching the Grand Tour and had a weird moment where I kind of liked the Camaro that May was driving. Then the next day I was looking at them and just realized, “Don’t be silly. You’ll just get bored of this thing in a month.”


As of now and the past few months, the only car that I can envision myself wanting and keeping long term is either a 991.2 GTS or 991.2 GT3. Both with a manual. Either in Sapphire Blue, Voodoo Blue, Metallic Black, or Chalk.

What are your forever cars? I’m not about your talking dream car. I’m talking about a car you would keep regardless of what your mind wanders off to.

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