Knoxville Veterans Day Parade 2016- Cars Edition (Thank You Vets!)

Decided to take the doggo for lunch and stopped by the Knoxville Veterans Day Parade on the way. Ended up with not very good pictures of some pretty cool military and non-military vehicles(Including a Volvo!) Comments are in the captions.

Told you!
The camper makes it.
Half tracks are fun.
A Dodge Brothers vehicle.
Not the Veterans!
Oh no there are two!!! Hunting in packs.
There is a Smokey Mountian Model A Club with dozens of Model As
So many Model A
Even an unmolested 5 window!
Big guns came out and I finally figured out how they turn the turrets.

The Parade is still going that started at 11 and I left 15 minutes ago. Need lunch before everyone descends upon Market Square and I’m getting my phone screen fixed at 1:30. Good turnout.

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