Koenigsegg Doesn't Care About Top Speed, and Neither Should You

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Christian von Koenigsegg is a practical man. A practical man who likes to build supercars.


In a recent AMA blog post, Mr. Koenigsegg was asked “when will you guys test the real top speed of your cars?”

CvK: We would like to do such a test, but I have to say it’s not a super-high priority for us. It’s nice to be able to say you’ve got the fastest driven road car in the world and we believe that the One:1 could take the current record but for us, it’s a matter of priorities.


He goes on to explain that his customers are more interested in other aspects of driving performance. It takes a lot of room to reach such terrific speeds, and most people (including supercar drivers) have limited options when it comes to finding sufficient running room.

“Here’s a question for you”, says Koenigsegg. “What is more important: an absolute top speed that customers are never likely to reach, or acceleration speed, which a customer will use every time they go to the track?”


Hard to argue with that. We live in an age where you can buy a street-legal $60,000 car capable of 200mph. We can’t help but expect exotic supercars to offer more. Yes, escalation is a thing in the automotive world.

But whether you are the owner of a super exotic, or a lowly Dodge-driving peasant, where can you go to experience the triple-digit upper limits of your car? Public roads? Not an option. Drag strip? Not enough room. The track? Depends on the track.

We believe the One:1 can go on to reach in excess of the current 435 kph record, but we think a ‘usable’ record is much more important.


What’s most important to you when it comes to driving performance? What is a “usable record”?

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