This morning I checked the 31 or so job sites I usually check to see if there was anything I could apply to that was full time and permanent......I found nothing, as seemingly usual.

I decided I would cheer myself up before my fast-food job this afternoon by jumping in Humdrum (my base-model 2009 Hyundai Accent hatchback) and popping down the road 2 mins to a local, seldom-used-but-still-public gravel road that cuts back through the woods to another seldom-used-but-still-public gravel road.

It’s pretty rough back there beyond about 250m in, so I only went back about 1km to a nice 400m or so stretch where the morning light was coming right down the road. A guy heading back out in a white Chevy Silverado quad-cab longbed stared at me with a very confused face to find me back there in my little Hyundai with a camera, but I don’t care, haha! I was happy in the morning sun, surrounded by the bright colors of the leaves with my gift Nikon D3300 that mom had given me for Christmas last year, no matter how shite I am at taking pictures - it was fun using it on cars for once (I rarely have time to use it at all with 4 part-time jobs)!

A selection of my amateur pictures of a dirty Korean appliance with (currently) ‘98 Ford Escort rims/custom 3D Printed, non-color-matching Hyundai center caps - Enjoy! :P

No Dusty - my Oppo decal isn’t that faded - the sun is just causing it to look so, it’s still a vibrant red! :) Have to replace that FIATALY decal though...