While at work.

I was sitting watching YouTube because BEING OPEN UNTIL 5 ON A SATURDAY IS BULLSHIT and didn't hear the first one, but someone out in the service department did. A car left our driveway and tried to make it across the 6 lane highway (there should be a traffic light there, maybe) and T-boned.... something. All I saw when I got out there was a silver Cavalier in the middle of the intersection, hood buckled, facing West. The Cavalier's bumper was on the median, to the left of the car. A paramedic and fire truck had just arrived on the Northbound side of the road, and were in the left lane.

There was one cop sitting in the Southbound lane that I could not see, and another was arriving when I hear the squeal of locked brakes, an impact, and I see an F250 towing a large tandem axle trailer coming Northbound diving for the outside lane. The car he hit, a green Civic hatch of 90's vinage and riced and missing its rear bumper cover already, looks as if it was attempting to make a left turn to head East THROUGH THE ACCIDENT SCENE.

Figuring he'd stop next to the Cavalier, much to my surprise, he guns it across the highway, fart can a blarin', and makes a run for it down the road that heads East.

But..... his right rear suspension is FUCKED, and the wheel and tire are pointing somewhere about 90 degrees from where it should. So all I hear it BWAAAAHHHH SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEE as he disappears over the hill on that road, doing MAYBE 15MPH.


The cop in the intersection by the Cavalier just watches. Dumbfounded. As was everyone else. After a few seconds he motions for the other officer that just arrived on scene to give chase, and that officer turns his Explorer down the road and goes after the Civic.

Wish I would have grabbed my phone, but thinking the accident was over and done with, I didn't. So many crashes happen at this intersection it doesn't surprise me anymore when one does, but to have a 2nd, and an attempt to flee the scene? Priceless.

Hopefully our security cameras caught some of the action, I'll check on them Monday.