I apologize in advance for my mini-rant. Here's a Focus RS500.

When perusing the list of Craig, there are some key things to avoid. I know a number of these things have been mentioned before, (ran when parked, AC just needs recharge, etc.), but as a near future car buyer, some common threads appeared. All of them made me want to attack said threads with a seam-ripper.

"Speedometer needs to be reconnected"

Then why don't you reconnect it and sell it for more?

"Needs these parts. Have them but they need to be installed."


Again, why don't you fix the damn thing instead of making me drive home with parts boxes rattling around.

"A little damage, but nothing major."


I will take your word for it, buster, because I'm sure you're an expert in frame integrity and car mechanics.

"Power everything."


Does it have power lug nuts? I think not.

"Cars with rebuilt title, but listed as 'like new'"


Just because you put all the pieces back on does not undo the fact that it was at some point declared a total loss.

"Great project!"


I'll be the judge of that. Disassembled/unrepaired does not equal project. It equals disassembled/unrepaired.



I know, I know. No car will sell for a dollar. But come on, make my 'sort by price low-to-high easy.

And finally, at least for the moment. . .

"Mechanics fucking special."


Contrary to what Craig may insist, just because your car is busted as hell does not mean a mechanic is willing, or even able to fix it. At least not with a reasonable amount of money. If you had visited them occasionally in the past 10 years maybe your car wouldn't have to be so special to them. That is all.