What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

For their final events of the year, the KS Region SCCA chose to recreate the East Course from this year’s Nationals, so I finally got an idea of what it would have been like in the dry! Some areas had to be condensed or modified due to the size of the pad available, but the major elements and general flow of the course remained largely intact. Much to nobody’s surprise, the course was a lot more enjoyable without the surprise hydroplaning.

My husband and I decided to try out the FR-S’s front sway bar’s stiffer setting for this event as well. I was expecting it to be detrimental since the car was so very well balanced as it was, but my fears were unfounded. It did lose a little mid-corner adjustability, but the payoff in transition stability and front-end grip more than made up for it.


Results-wise, I managed to get that rare sort of run where nearly everything works out exactly like you want it to, which landed me 1st in DS and 2nd in PAX, again behind the local multi-time national champ by just a few tenths, but also ahead of the next person by a full second (using adjusted times).

Sunday, as usual, the course was reversed with little modification. I liked how the start of the course felt in this configuration, but everything else became so much more difficult. Most sweepers flipped from having generously wide exits to choked up ones, and I struggled to find braking timing and a line that I felt happy with. I coned away a slightly faster run (by ~0.3), but it only would have shifted me up by one PAX position. In the end, I got 1st in DS and 5th in PAX, just shy of one (adjusted) second out from the top.

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