I have Decided to start over in my campaign. This isn't due to any corrupt saves or anything, I've just installed a few new mods and due to the nature of how the tech tree works it has issues updating to add the new parts in. I will be transferring over my old ships though to the new game so I wont lose all my work, I will just need to unlock the parts again. The new mods include Infernal Robotics, Life Support, KAX, and KAS. The life support mod should provide a much larger challenge, having to account for oxygen, water and such.

I will be playing a custom difficulty on career mode, with no crew respone and it costs money to unlock every part along with science. I will be starting with 500000$ and 5000 science just to get things off the ground a bit faster. Funds and Science also will be gained at 250% of normal just to speed things up otherwise I'll be playing for years to get anywhere.

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