The 2020 NASCAR season. This is going to go down as the most fucked up season in recent history, and that was before Kyle Larson decided to yeet his career into oblivion.

Last night I logged on to Reddit and saw the post. Now the highest post ever on r/NASCAR. I clicked the link, and sat there in shock for a little bit. One of NASCAR’s “Drive for Diversity” drivers is now embroiled in a massive scandal for saying the N word.


The slaughter commenced Monday morning with Chip Ganassi Racing, NASCAR, and Chevrolet all condemning the actions and placing Kyle on various suspensions. Kyles twitter apology came soon after, and while we were missing the true hallmarks of an internet apology (sitting on kitchen floor, eyes red from tears, runny makeup, you get the idea), it was much better than a prepared statement by a PR person. Kyle knows he fucked up royally, there’s no denying it.

As evening fell, the nukes went off. Credit One followed up a statement from earlier, adding that they would be TERMINATING their sponsorship of Larson. Soon after, Ronald McDonald came on with a haymaker, announcing the same. A couple of smaller sponsors decided to announce they would stick by the now disgraced driver, but the damage was done. Three of the 42 cars biggest sponsors drew a line. They want to sponsor CGR, but not Kyle.


At this point I’m anticipating that Larson will be released from his contract pretty soon. Crazy thought that one of the hottest free agents this season may not have ride anymore.

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