I did a little experimenting with audio recording for future video improvement. I have a handheld zoom recorder I never use, so I thought I’d use it.

First, a cold start. The handheld had ‘auto level’ on, and you can hear it lower the levels right after the start

Next I tried some revs. Turned off auto levels, but I didn’t lower the levels from default. Bad idea. On a rev the car blasted past the limit and distorted. Caution headphone users, it’s loud

Any audio experts have some advice? I need to just test revs at different levels, but honestly my car is very loud and I live in a duplex where the garage is on the side by my neighbor, and I feel like a dick revving it in the garage. At some point I’ll go find a parking lot somewhere and test it some more.

I also tested in car, and it’s really cool if I can come up with a way to secure the recorder