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La France, divisée

Here we find an interesting map.

The French as many may know have just had Part 1 of their presidential elections and as a result they find themselves divided into left and right. Not just politically either.


On the left hand side and around Paris they find themselves generally in favour of the youngish and centrist M Macron, whose CV includes the interesting fact that he’s never stood for election before (it also includes the fact, fascinating for some, that he became enamoured of his drama teacher when he was 15 and she was 40 and married to another and that they’re still together).

On the right, in every sense of the word, we find that they’re leaning to the far right Mme Le Pen who aims herself at what we might call the Trump voter.

A nation divided both politically and geographically then.

Just as interesting, we find that France extends itself to all manner of little known specks scattered all around the world and the two specks that find themselves in the mouth of the St Lawrence expressed a leaning to the hard left in the form of M Mélenchon.


Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the blue area belonging to M Fillon around Le Mans is because he’s from there.

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