LA oppos - what to do with one Saturday night?

On Friday, I’ll arrive to LA around 9pm. My hotel is at the intersection of i405 and i90 . I’ll probably have a late dinner and go to bed.

Saturday morning, I am heading to the event at i405 and i10. I should be done at 5pm. What do I do and see for the rest of the night? Does it make sense to Uber to Santa Monica Pier, walk around there, and then walk all the way to Venice Beach, maybe find a spot to eat somewhere along the way? When I am done, I can grab another Uber back to the hotel.

I thought about Peterson, Museum, but it closes at 6pm.

This is my first time in LA ignoring previous LAX layovers. Realistically, I only have maybe 6-7 hours maximum, from Saturday at 5pm until I have to hit the sack.


Also, should I look for good sea food (I had the best clam chowder a few weeks ago in San Francisco), or look for a hole in the wall taco join with good al pastor?

I’m open to any idea!

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