Wish I could say I started the day in a good mood, in fact I was in a pretty bad mood. Anyway got things done. From boats to hikes and AC too.

Cleaned out the AC condenser on the outside unit. it was extremely clogged, hopefully that makes it a little easier on my AC. The trimming (boo), then went to boaty town.

In my previous episode I was upset at large boat fixing things but today I turned it down a notch, or about half, from 24 foot boat problems to 12 foot boat problems. New tires and wheels and repacked the hubs. New tail lights too for the last time...HA! right. and I cleaned it up and made sure its still running good. it is. Always takes time to start the first time but after that it explodes to life.

As soon as I can fab up a new trim system this thing will be 100%. I might add a stereo too cause why not.

The hero of the day was the evening hike.



Just .9 miles and 600 feet vertical takes you to this lovely little lake where the ducks are docile enough to eat out of your hand. Its a weird thing, this lake is famous for these super docile ducks. They are there year after year.

Google also reminded me that 6 years ago today I was in pretty much the same place doing the same thing.


Also that my fleet looked very different than it does now.


Both Turbo, both manual, both wagon, both 4 cylinder.

Both NA, Both auto, both Land Cruiser. Kids and priorities changing.

Also I say this at REI today.


unrestored is going to be the new over restored.  

sidenote - I can’t post to oppo on mobile anymore.


it just aint there.