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Laboring on Labor Day

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I made a phone call just now and the line rang and rang and rang when normally it’s answered on the first ring. I called an alternate number, same thing. WTF, where are these government employees?! I need data! Ooooooh, that’s right! It’s Labor Day and they’re off gallivanting in their backyards with their barbecue pits, probably.


Well, I’ve got some other work I can get done today. The legal documents and interviews with Very Important Officials™ can wait until tomorrow, I suppose. Meanwhile, I’m trying to shake off the case of the Mondays that had me calling closed government offices in the first place, sans coffee and sans lunch. It’s not going particularly well, considering I just stopped transcribing some notes in favor of posting on Oppo.

Well, who else is in this boat with me? Who else is working on Labor Day? Share your best funny, cute or interesting gifs. Or post first gen Mustangs or British or Japanese cafe racers. Help me get through the doldrums that are a holiday Monday!


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