"'Ladies Edition' Attractive Socket Labels" Should (Probably) Not be a Thing.

In today’s edition of “thing that should not be a thing” that found its way onto my ads on Amazon, I present “Ladies Edition” Attractive Chrome Socket Labels brightly color coded chrome decal stickers for “Her” sockets and tools, easy read & organize “find it fast” - Fits Snap On, Craftsman & all fine tools.

Illustration for article titled Ladies Edition Attractive Socket Labels Should (Probably) Not be a Thing.

So yeah. Um. I have a few notes:

  • Your product is named a run-on sentence. Innovative as You may think it is, please consider using other sections of your ad to describe the product. Then again, [Ultra Bright] Bike Light on Amazon - Comes With FREE TAIL LIGHT(Limited Time) - Tools-Free Installation in Seconds - The Best Headlight on Amazon Compatible with: Mountain & Kids & Street Bicycles - Divine LEDs, appears to be quite successful with that approach, so maybe keep it.
  • Regarding the photo, it appears as though you haven’t actually taken a photo of a lady with “Ladies Edition” Attractive Chrome Socket Labels (...) at all. Not only does your pink 7/8” label appear to be photoshopped onto a socket that looks much larger than 7/8,” it would also appear that the hand holding is not actually attached to the lady. This is evidenced by “her” hand’s triumphant transcendence from the confines of her white walls into a world of very light gray and free-floating sockets. I would suggest hiring a professional to engage in further photoshopping, when the budget allows.
  • I’m confused by the use of “Her” in the title. It is both in quotes and capitalized and I am unsure why you chose to do so. Are they not truly her sockets? Is she not allowed to actually own sockets because she’s a woman? This certainly helps to explain the photo. (SIDE NOTE: “sock it to me” yields weird results on youtube, like seriously weird.)

I don’t mean to sound offended by the presence of gender roles in chrome socket labeling, nor did I feel the crushing, patronizing weight of the patriarchy when I saw them, but I don’t seem to understand how or why they exist. It just seems unnecessary. As a result, I’ve concluded that they should not exist.

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