Ladies & Gentleman, The Garage-Mahal..

In my career as an appraiser, I’ve seen many, many different and unique homes, but I’ve never come across a property like this.


What you see as a large, fairly pedestrian Colonial style home is in fact the dream property for the single person who loves cars. The right side of the home is 2,000 sq.ft. of living area, with 2 bedrooms and a single bath. The majority of the building, 4,848 sq.ft., is open garage area with two service doors on an acre + of land in a nice suburban area of Toledo. The property was for listed for sale last summer, at auction, but never sold. Another appraiser in my office noticed it is currently For Sale By Owner, but there is no on-line listing information at the moment. I am desperately curious as to how much the owner wants for the property. It would be such a niche buyer, the market would be very, very small.

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