Lady Sabre Update

A few days ago I posted that my wife had been admitted to the hospital with a lower digestive tract infection. She is still in there. Turns out that the infection had caused a hole in the intestine and that allowed ick to get where it shouldn’t go. She has been on massive antibiotic doses and she isn’t allowed to eat or drink. Her numbers are all trending in a good direction, the doc is pleased, but he said she should expect to be in for the next week at a minimum. Sustenance is through the IV, so they are keeping her hydrated and in calories. I look at it as basically getting stabbed in the gut without the external wound. The positive thing is that in the modern era we can do something about it. Back 100 years ago this probably would have been fatal.

Family is doing fine. I’m keeping the kids rolling along with school stuff and activities. Lots of help on offer from friends and coworkers.


This is the first major health issue for either of us aside from her having the kids. It’s not like the movies show it with everyone sitting around looking at the heart rate monitor. Mostly it is just boring for everyone, especially her. She is alert and herself. She hates being in bed this long and would really like a shower. As an engineer I look around the room and am amazed at how we have not come up with better solutions for much of the equipment   Why aren’t the heart rate monitors smaller and use something  like Bluetooth? The IV stand has a shitty base that is hard to move around. Wires and hoses everywhere. Let’s not even get started on the IVs themselves and the damage they do.  

I’m trying to figure out how I am going to handle her, the kids and work next week. Work is a distant third on that list. Delta has been fantastic in supporting me. Basically telling me not to worry about anything.

I’m probably going to call the insurance company tomorrow. Might as well as start understanding how that side of things will look.

Anyway, that where things stand.

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