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LaFerrari Spider confirmed!

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I was at Cars and Coffee this morning and was talking to someone who has a LaFerrari(he’s taken it once before, but today he just had his 488 GTB)and he mentioned how he was heading to the dealer to spec out his LaFerrari Spider! I feel all special and privileged to know this wayyy before Ferrari would want just an average Joe like me knowing about it. I know the car was rumored about, about 6 months ago, but I can now confirm it is coming!


Then he continued on about his Speciale, Speciale A, regular LaFerrri, the F12tdf he has on the way, his FXXK, his private jet, stories from his Challenge series racing, stories about taking delivery of his FXXK, simulator experiences, and about which events he was planning on going to around the world to race his FXXK. It was pretty cool to hear about all of that, I was in shock at the multitude and magnitude of his Ferrari experiences that he shared. I’m sure he could’ve gone on, and on, and on, it was so cool!

And he let me sit in his 488GTB which was also a treat:)

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