Laid down the law with the busybody admin

Update on the situation from earlier today where I had to sort out my office manager/admin who's sticking her nose where it doesn't belong, trying to say I'm late when I don't even have set hours.


In that post, haveacarortwoorthree pointed out the following:

My assistant is specifically not supposed to let people know when/if I will be in the office. The standard response is that he is tied up right now, but I will have him return your call as soon as he is available.

Which makes total sense. That's exactly how things have been at every other job I've had.

I met with my boss who agreed that it was cool for me to lay down the law with Particularly Religious Coworker. So I took her aside and explained the following:


1. Except on days where I'm the designated manager in charge, my hours are flexible. I have "usual" hours, but it is totally fine for me to vary my hours as I see fit. If I'm going to have a significant variance from my usual hours, I will notify the necessary people.

2. The sign in my window with my usual hours and a disclaimer that these hours may vary, so if I'm not around email me or check in at the front desk to make an appointment, will continue to be in my window.


3. The only days where expected hours will be on my calendar in Outlook are when I'm the designated manager in charge, and I will 100% be here for those hours.

4. People calling for me are not to be told my schedule, only that I'm not available and that they can leave a message for me.


She felt really strongly that she should be able to share my schedule with people calling for me, but I repeated that is neither necessary nor desirable, and that I've never worked anywhere that shared my hours with people calling for me.

She also used the phrase "that's just how it's always been here," multiple times. I told her that doesn't matter, and in fact, I hate that phrase. There's no need to continue the policies of managers who have long since left the company, if those policies are deemed no longer useful.


So that's how it's going to be. My boss will have a follow-up conversation with her, and she's going to be on a short leash with nosing around trying to say the flex schedule people are "late."

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