Stolen from Kotaku!
Stolen from Kotaku!

I was wondering why every dystopian future shows that Lamborghinis seem to be so common, and so...

Future timeline:

Lamborghini saw an opportunity to turn the automotive market on it’s head by leveraging their status as a niche brand, as well as some clever partnerships with patent holders, to be the first to adopt these new technologies: cheap electrification and supercapacitor-and-battery technology; the plummeting cost of carbon-fiber designs; and high-speed, high-resolution 3D part printing with more durable hemp-based plastics. Around the mid-40's, Lamborghini starts mass-producing low-cost versions of their vehicles, with the intent of shifting focus from being a halo brand to putting a supercar in every driveway. By virtue of their small-company stature, there was little in the way of an approval process within the administration, and the bean-counters (being used to leveraging brand cache to sell a few, very expensive cars every year) were easily able to rebrand the company as a tech leader for the common consumer.


Where corners were cut was in the design of the vehicle. Lamborghini spent decades on perfecting the form and function of their vehicles; at the time of their big shift in marketing, they halted R&D in regards to platform dimensions and exterior design, in favor of applying the new technologies to the existing vehicle architecture. What resulted is a Lamborghini that was 90% plastic/carbon fiber, down to the chassis and suspension components, yet looked and drove like a Lamborghini from the early-20's, which proved to be a “future-proof” aesthetic design. Power was cheap in the form of electricity and motor technology, and with more common components and far fewer moving parts, Lamborghinis became highly reliable and easy to repair.

Thus, Lamborghini became a top brand among auto manufacturers, and went on to create a market for stylish, powerful, yet highly-attainable, personal transport. The brand was willing to sacrifice its halo in an effort to become ubiquitous. Other auto manufacturers, seeing the writing on the wall, quickly tried to pivot in an effort to match Lamborghini’s new-found success, but because of their strategic partnerships, Lambo was able to keep a stranglehold on the market and limit other manufacturer’s ability to adopt the new tech.

Despite the economic collapse of most of Earth’s countries and the mass exodus to the new colonies established on Luna, and at L4 and L5, Lambo became the brand to beat during the mid-century period.

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