Lambo launches new Lanbo line of cars with the Urus

The Lanborghini cars are built to attract customers to the highly controversial SUV using nostalgia of the early days of Lamborghini, where the cars suffered from numerous flaws and quirks that they believe their customer base remembers fondly.

Whats more, this unnamed nostalgia pack is included free of cost to many Urus buyers, but is distributed randomly among its cars. The quirks include:

  • Rear hatch that no longer opens with a foot motion.
  • Non functional rear courtesy lights
  • Apple car play not working on WiFi
  • Infotainment proudly displaying the new Lanborghini name on the screen, even after software updates

The owner who uncovered this secret nostalgia pack is too smitten by these quirks to take a free Urus replacement from Lanbo.

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