A road rage incident occurred today in Florida which features a Lamborghini Huracan. According to the video, the uploader spotted a Huracan heading the opposite direction on a highway, he swiftly turned his car around to chase it for some exclusive footage.


The driver of the Huracan clearly didn't like this and decided to try to lose Jason. Soon, we see an Audi A8 attempting to cut Jason off to obstruct any footage. Were they Lamborghini/VAG test drivers, or were they a dealer joyriding a customers car?

As I approached the exit with the 2 cars behind me I was amazed the Audi forced his way on my right hand side and blocked my car from getting off the highway as the Lamborghini pulled in behind me. I have seen plenty of prototypes driving on the road well before production so I was shocked the driver of the Lamborghini was exiting the vehicle on the side of the highway and approaching my car. He immediately started yelling at me trying to intimidate me. – Jason


We find it quite odd how they wouldn't want any footage taken of the car but still decide to drive around on public roads. Asshat driver?

Via Road Magazine...

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