"In 1984 the RWD Lancia 037 was struggling to defend its throne of world champion from the unstoppable rise of the unlimited and fearsome 4WD Group B cars. It did manage to tackle Audi's Quattro and Peugeot's 205 T16 for over a year, but halfway into '85 the battle was obviously about to be lost forever. In a last attempt to try the unthinkable. Lancia's engineers extensively tested a "rear sandwich" layout, but as Peter Collins writes in his book about this fearsome car "they showed no vantage at all". The tires for this experiment were courtesy of Goodyear (not the usual Pirelli, also a main sponsor). It was pretty clear that it was all a stunt in order to distract from the development of the 038, aka the Delta S4, that was being tested in great secrecy."