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Land Cruiser FJ80 - Import or Domestic?

I just saw the “what should I buy?” bit on Jalopnik, and noted that Orlove recommended a very clean, low mile imported 1991 Land Cruiser FJ80 for overlanding. By contrast, the NPoCP listing is a bit cheaper (and just was noted by Just Jeepin, amusingly).

My question for HammerheadFistpunch, Tim, Kelsey and others who may have opinions is this:

If one were planning on “overlanding” around the US, and one had decided that an FJ80 was what one wanted, would you recommend a US market FJ80 (likely with higher miles, but lower cost) over a spiffed up recent JDM import, and why?


The corollary to that question is: What would change in your choice if you were planning to go to other countries like Tim and Kelsey?

This is just an idle thought exercise for me, but I would think that a better maintained, low miles import might be worth the extra cost, and the parts should be as readily available, with likely very little different on the JDM model.


By that logic, it shouldn’t be an issue to maintain in a different country, but maybe(?) could cause confusion and problems to have a JDM vehicle titled in the US such that other countries don’t view the entry/exit process as clearly documented?

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