Land Cruiser upgrades update!

So as some of you remember, just over a month ago I purchased a 2006 Land Cruiser with 258K miles on it. Here is an update on some of the stuff I have done to it.

One of the first things I did was clean the headlights and replace the headlights and fog lights with Philips CrystalVision 9012 HIR2 bulbs. Several people on IH8MUD found they are the same voltage and wattage as the factory 9006 bulbs and all it takes to get them to fit is trimming one tab. Unfortunately I did not get any before and after photos of the lights on. The brightness drastically improved, and required no adjustment (yes, I checked them). I will be cleaning them one more time to get more of the imperfections out and sealing them better soon.

After headlight cleaning:


Went by Sears a couple of days after I did the headlights and picked up a bunch of tools and a small tool box to carry them in, will be adding more to the kit later. It also still has the factory tool set it came with, so I should be covered for most things.

Later that day I was browsing eBay and found someone selling a VAIS Tech SL3b-T Bluetooth module I had been looking at getting. It makes it so I can listen to my phone or other BT device to listen to music through the stereo. The included factory Bluetooth can only be used for calls. Got it for just under $100 less than a new one from a seller on eBay that had decided after buying one that he was going the Land Rover route instead, and had never even opened it.

Shipped from Dallas, so it made it to me in Norman, OK pretty quickly. Got it, opened the box and within the hour had it installed thanks to the help of some members on the IH8MUD forums. Sorry, no photos of my install of this. I did route the wiring to the glove box for the BT module so I have easy access to it later.

Then I got in an interior LED light kit I ordered on eBay. They are amazing, super bright and the color temperature is perfect. Unfortunately during the install I found that one of the POs had broken one of the license plate light housings. $30 and a couple of days later I had a new one installed.

All of these photos were taken without flash and none of my outdoor lights on. (Note: The map lights in front are not on in the first two photos because they are only manually switched on, no way to get them to turn of with the other lights without wiring them, which I will be doing soon.)


Then a few days ago the driver side door speaker started to rattle when the bass dropped. I thought that it was something in the door panel, so I removed it yesterday. Turns out it is actually the foam ring around the cone had pulled away from the side of the housing, and is fairly common with these speakers. Found a kit on eBay for ~$27 to replace both of the front speakers foam rings and it comes with the glue and stuff for it. Might try just repairing the foam ring that I have now as it isn’t torn anywhere just separated. Then replace it if it doesn’t fix the issue.


Photo of door panel off because I took it:


Next I will be getting a grill guard off of a local guy who has a Land Cruiser with a bad motor and is trying to offload the whole thing, offered to purchase the grill guard and he is giving me a decent deal on it. Should get that this Saturday and I will probably install it right after removing it from his rig. Going with this until I scrape up an extra $1500-1800 for an aluminum front bumper.

Then I’ll be getting some off road lights mounted to the grill guard for off road use and the occasional use to help spot creatures on the side of the road. I will be wiring them separately so I can run the right one without disturbing oncoming traffic and pointing them off to the sides slightly to light up the sides of the roads. I work nights and drive through an area every morning that has deer on the sides of the road and not a lot of traffic at 6AM, so this will be nice to have.


Eventually I will be getting some slider steps and possibly deleting the adjustable height control for a small lift and a second set of tires for off road fun.

Hope you enjoyed my little write up!

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