what with its terrain dial, and adjustable air suspension...but when it comes to really useful and practical off road tech, I think no one does it better than Toyota. A few examples.

Crawl Control - touted as being a cruiser control for off roading is actually a very very cool way for the car to work itself out of a hole.

A-Trac - Is one of the best electronic differential locking simulators there is

KDSS - Freaking brilliant, it actually forces the opposing wheels apart as opposed to just decoupling the sway bars, which on independent suspension does...basically nothing. It connects two hydraulic rams attached to the sway bars (front and back) to each other via accumulators. If the back wheel drops, the rear ram extends, pulling fluid from the front ram which contracts, pulling the opposite wheel in. It actually PULLS the wheels apart for better flex.

Turn assist - Do some heavy touring on some tight switchbacks and then tell me you wouldn't kill for this feature.

The thing I like about their off road tech is that its all designed to actually work to make the car more capable, not just sell the car at the dealership. On a related note; Toyota sucks at selling people on their tech.

Yeah, I know I'm Totally a Toyota Whore, but I feel like its very good technology that often gets overlooked. Good news is that what used to be expensive Land Cruiser only tech has made its was down market with the 4runner where you can get Crawl control, A-trac (and a real locker), and KDSS. Turn assist is Land Cruiser only for now.