Land/ Shop Buying - Updates

I actually don’t have much to report other than yes this is still a thing. Summary of my efforts so far:

  1. 5 acres on a hill - After putting a deal together the seller turns out to be a nut (won’t sign purchase contract) and I pull out of the deal. Still for sale as far as I know.
  2. 5 acres on a less good hill - Seller declined three offers, two of which were reasonable. Property has now gone to “sale pending” so I am curious what it ends up selling for. I hope less than I offered.
  3. All others - Ended up having various problems that made them not worth pursuing.

After those two, a 10 acre plot in the same area popped up that was pretty perfect. It already has utilities and a 1500 sqft shop with a kitchen and bathroom. Problem is they want right at the upper limit of my buying potential and I cannot make that work at this time. In a couple months? No problem. But not now. Also the neighbors on two sides are a little MEH, but otherwise it checks all the boxes.


Oddly enough my realtor called me to see if I still wanted it. I explained the situation (yes, but not now) and he is going to call and see what their price flexibility is and what the possibility of owner carry is. I guess he is kinda bored, because this is approximately 100x more effort than he has put into anything so far.

In the interim, the cars wait. Alfa, Saab, and Bumblebee are safe in the garage while the Disco and Jeep languish in the street/ driveway.

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