My aim in a few months time is to get myself a Land Rover as a daily driver. I've been looking at Defenders as I need something that can do motorway speeds, but I really prefer the old Series look and the more I look at them the cooler they look in comparison. A stock Series with the old 2.25L/2.5 NA isn't going to cut it (not expecting to hammer around everywhere but 55mph is too slow). I've been looking at Series vehicles (3 mostly) with 200/300tdi lumps and power steering fitted in them, I'd also like to be able to take advantage of pre-'74 tax-exempt status too, but am I looking at too many mechanical headaches to balance the no-tax and looks here? Commonly botched conversions or should they be fairly good? I've no experience with a Series LR with a newer engine. Would it be better just to get a Defender or is this a feasible idea? (I'm fully expecting either to have reliability issues). I will probably need to take it offroad every now and then but nothing heavy. I can put time but not much ££ into keeping it going - I'm reasonably mechanically minded and my cousin has spent many hours working on various SIII vehicles. Landy gods, bestow your wisdom!