I have an Asus X200MA-SCL050F from Worst Buy, 11.6 touchscreen 4 GB memory 100 gig HD celeron processor. It seems to be decent and I’ve done thorough research and opinion-seeking on tech sites already but I’m thinking of getting a refund by the end of the return period Wed. Why? Because I realized I don’t need a 100 gig HD and can probably live with a 32 gig SSHD (I have nothing stored on it other than the bloatware it came with, so what am I doing with it anyway?) which would basically knock the price down nearly a 100 bucks (this thing’s $249). Also it doesn’t even have an option to upgrade to Win10 for some reason (I really am enjoying Win10 on my desktop so it’d be nifty). What say you Oppo?

I’m particularly thinking of getting a Nextbook which apparently is a Walmart exclusive, but it’s got rave reviews, it’s below 200 bucks (less than 170 depending on when and where you look) and it’s a legit 2-in-1 that can detach from it’s keyboard, and it’s got a more traditional laptop-like keyboard, not a glorified plastic-coated piece of cardboard glued to a low-end tablet. I think the stats are pretty standard for what you’d expect - 4 gig RAM, 32 gig SSHD, uh, other stuff.