Waze said I’d be moving at 6km/h when I arrived at the junction between Reforma and Adolfo Lopez Mateos: I chose to fuck off and park

this is the fountain of petroleum; it conmemorates the Nationalization of Mexican Petroleums. Ironic that it was remodeled at the same time that the energy reform (that privatized petrol once again) was being legislated

Atop is Paseo de la Reforma and Adolfo Lopez Mateos; the urban highway.

Walking a street you normally drive on is an interesting experience; you get to appreciate size much better


the building in the far left was remodeled in 2009 after a learjet with Mexico’s Vice President crashed, he died alongside 16 people. A plaque now reminds us of their tragic fate

paseo de la Reforma now has a brand new BRT, line 7 of the Metrobus. It’s typically very congested, so the removal of a lane sparked outrage. They did it anyway. This route was expected to remove over 100,000 cars from the roads


You can guess which part of Adolfo Lopez Mateos is free and which portion is tolled