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On paper, I should absolutely hate it. I generally dislike other people. I hate crowds of other people. I hate the party/club scene/culture. I don’t like sleazy, douchey, loud, or otherwise obnoxious people. However, I love Las Vegas (for 2-3 days max). I can’t explain it. I guess it’s because there really is something there for everyone. So, that’s why tonight, Mrs. Humpkins and I are flying to Vegas for the weekend. You see, it’s my 35th birthday Friday. It’s also my sister’s 40th b’day soon. So we, my sister, her girlfriend, my MIL, my parents, and some friends are all going to Vegas for the weekend. 


We’re pretty good when we’re there. We get a nice suite at the Encore (we tend to stick around the Encore/Wynn as far as gambling because it’s usually less crowded/chaotic as other casinos). We stick to our gambling budget, we eat well, we drink well, we shop well, we find the entertainment we want. My only gripe is the fact that the flight we booked was scheduled to leave O’Hare at 8:00 pm and arrive close to 10:00 pm, Vegas time. They rescheduled it to leave at 10:00 pm and arrive just before midnight. The afternoon flight was sold out so no change. Oh well.

At any rate, have a wonderful weekend.

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