Oh, yes, I was going to post about lasagna over here. I went all the way to New York to eat pasta.

There just aren't very many el cheapo Italian joints near me (woman cannot live on Milto's alone), so I was like, "we must find lasagna made from someone's grandma's recipe."

Okay, we went to visit Fisher-Price and eat Timbits, too, but anyway, I ended up stuffing my face at Jerlando's in Watkins Glen. 'Twas good. The review said to get the garlic knots, and they came out swimming in garlic butter. Om nom nom nom nom.

Then I found out that CraigO's—a small local chain that one of my friends liked, but isn't really close to Puffenhausen—will deliver to Ye Olde Day Jobbe.

Thus, MORE LASAGNA. And not in some kind of fancy alfredo/bacon/mushroom/veggie/bleh/whatever form, either. Just...lasagna. With meaty meat and gooey cheese.


Also, please send more Timbits. Thanks in advance.

Photo credit: Matt Rhoads' potatodroid.