Lasfit H11 72W 6000K LED Headlight Review

I know quite a few of you were curious as to how my new LED lights would turn out. Well, I’m happy to finally be able to report back. I’ve now had them installed for about a week and have put them through multiple hours of testing. Here are my findings.

First, a product link in case you are interested in buying. What drew me to these bulbs? The first was the color. At 6000K, they are white with just a hint of blue showing through. I spent a lot of time trying to find a color that would match my OEM daytime running light which is a string of LEDs on the V6 Accords. They have a slight blue tint to them and ironically were brighter than the OEM halogen headlight bulb, but didn’t have nearly the projection.


Second, these headlights are completely self contained and plug-and-play. Unlike an HID kit which requires ballasts and wires, or even some LED kits which have separate power boxes or copper strips, these are just the light, an attached fan, and the one wire which plugs directly into the OEM harness.

Third, for the price, it is pretty hard to find anything comparable. The pair that I use have a COB chip inside and run under $40. However, if you want to have the possibility for more reliability, LASFIT also sells a set with a Phillips LED chip for $67 on Amazon. Most any other kit will cost nearly double.

LED installed

On to installation. Obviously, every car will be different. In theory, the install should be fairly simple. You can clearly see the headlights when you pop the hood. All you do is disconnect the wire harness from the bulb, twist, and pull it out. Then, plug the new bulb in, twist, and connect the harness. On the 4 cylinder Honda,at least from the videos I’ve seen, there’s a decent amount of space to work. The 6 cylinder on the other hand, is much larger than the 4 cylinder. You can barely fit one large hand in there. Two hands becomes a joke. Working in such a small space, with metal bars and a battery in the way is very annoying. Even worse is when you plug them in upside down and have to try and flip a wire to make them work.

LED (left) vs OEM (right)

Now,because these are self-contained, the bulb is a lot larger than stock. I could see this being an issue on some cars, including my old Volvo C30. So keep that in mind. Once installed an on, you will hear some fan noise. This is how they supposedly won’t fade or overheat. During my time with them, including a 45 minute drive, I saw no fade. The fan noise is audible only if everything else is off. As soon as the engine is on, the fan noise is drowned out. This was with the radio and AC off, and all windows and sunroof open.

For some reason though, the bulb on my driver side is a bit louder and rattles a bit more than the one on my passenger side. I tried reinstalling it several times, but it just seems a bit more loose. I don’t know if this is a bulb issue or a car issue or what. It isn’t much more, but there is a definite difference.

New LED vs fog light

Even in daylight, the difference in color was instantly noticeable. Gone was the yellow halogen look and in was the crisp white light. Honestly, it made the car look brand new because of the color. As you can see, compared to my fog light (which uses the same bulb) the difference is night and day. I’ve had to turn off my fog lights as of now because of this. Night time, however, is when these bulbs really shine.


The first thing I noticed is how much wider the light beam is. It’s about as wide as my high beams made my original halogens. What impressed me, however, was the distance they produced. A lot of LED headlights are put down because they simply cannot throw a light beam far enough. Now, compared to a good set of HIDs, I can see where they are coming from. However, these are completely on par with the original halogens. It isn’t that much better, but I am not losing much if any output power.

Beam pattern along a building

The beam pattern is very consistent and they didn’t need any adjustments. The light is a very good height and the cutoff is nearly perfect. I guess having OEM projector style housings helped a lot. I’m sure the light would be very scattered if that was not the case. After hours of night driving, I have not been “flashed” for my lights being too bright. There is a little bit of excess light in the foreground of the car. It isn’t a huge deal breaker, but it is there.

Now, time for a photo dump for all the pics I have leftover!

Down road view
Factory during the daytime
LED in the daytime
Factory LED strip and LED headlight
Beam pattern from outside the car
LED view from outside the car

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with how these turned out. Installation wasn’t too bad, (would’ve been fine if I had smaller hands) the color was exactly what I wanted, and so far I haven’t had any issues with distance or brightness.


Any questions? Feel free to ask away.

Big thanks to LASFIT for letting me try these lights out. The review published above, however, was entirely mine and was written completely unbiased. I received these bulbs for the sake of reviewing but was not compensated by the company.

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