Wait it's how much a month? No thank you...

GM really should get rid of OnStar. Either make that shit included or take it out of my car.


In the 6 months that I've had OnStar, I've pressed the button 3 times. First was at the dealership, and that was because the salesperson made me to show me the feature. Second was with my friends in the car to demonstrate it, by asking whether a place we were going was right or left at the street I knew it was on (I didn't know which side). The rep couldn't find the place in her directory since it was new.

The third time I didn't even use it from the car. I pulled up where I was going with MapQuest and sent the directions to the car. That was actually a nice feature, but I don't understand why that can't be included. The car has the GPS. Don't send the directions over wireless, just do it with bluetooth or USB from my phone. Of course, on the Sonic GM pushes BringGo which is a fully featured GPS from your phone to your car for $50....

TL;DR: OnStar is a stupid service that should die, but GM really wants me to pay for it.

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