Last Chance to Post Questions and Requests about the Monaco Grand Prix

In 20 hours I’ll be leaving for the Monaco Grand Prix and since I’m adamant of “dumb phones”, this is your last chance to post your questions.

At this very moment I consider myself one of the luckiest persons in the world because 1; it is hot outside and I’m drinking beer and 2; because I was invited to Monaco to party with people with yachts, supercars and even Formula 1 cars. [side note while still being slightly drunk: this is what you can achieve if you take the time and work on some relevant stuff, not just posting random sh*t on Oppo]


But guess what: I’m not a wealthy guy per se and I believe in old school stuff, so I’m taking the bus to Monaco [as opposed to my flight in January] and take my old Nokia 3310 to live tweet from the events [having such an old phone accompanied by an appropriate shirt is a good conversation starter], which means this is your last chance to post your questions concerning the party or the race, because from tomorrow until next Monday, I black out on cyberspace, only being in write-only mode on Twitter with my phone.

So think of something that you want me to see and report on or post any requests on pictures and I’d be more than happy to carry out such request (as opposed to the last time, which no one seemed to care about. Note: I’m still drunk).


So there you go, fire away with your questions and requests!

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