All you have to do is click this link and enter!

Here is what comes in the kit you can win:

  • Diablo wheel cleaner gel
  • V.R.P(Vinyl Rubber Plastic)high shine dressing
  • Mr. Pink super suds soap
  • InnerClean interior quick detailer and protectant
  • Jetseal 1 year paint sealant
  • Hybrid V07 spray sealant and detailer

WORTH OVER $140!!!!!

I love Chemical Guys’ products because they do a great job and smell awesome at the same time. I guarantee you will be craving Fanta Orange soda after you use the Hybrid V07 Spray Detailer and Sealant! Their sealants and soaps are superb and their VRP(Vinyl Rubber Plastic) dressing is awesome too! I have it on my tires and trim right now! I also have some of their sealants and waxes on my car too. I have another wheel cleaner of theirs and love it and have only heard great things about the Diablo gel. InnerClean is a product I definitely want to try soon because everyone says its great! This is their bestsellers kit so you are getting some of the best they have to offer, and its worth $140+. They are giving away 5 kits and the contest ends tonight so make sure to enter in and pass this link onto as many others as possible because I get bonus entries from referring people to the contest.


Thanks for the help everyone and good luck!!!