bye bessie you’ll be someone elses problem now

little annoyed i wont be there next week.. i love a good clusterfuck

and this one will be epic

after months of planning next week managements fancy new more efficient way of working goes in to effect


it involves placing nearly everyone on the floor on new jobs (mostly on jobs they either specifically asked not to be put on or ones they’ve never done before)

and it will be largely unsupervised as all the team leads got replaced.

cept their replacements just got pushed back by another month coz 2 days ago management learnt that all the newbies picked to lead need to be trained coz they know nothing


months of planning and all they achieved was a new roster (wich they are pushing through leadership be damned)

*sigh* so much fun ill be missing out on

*update* to increase efficiency and have more of the workday spent actually working management have decided that starting monday we will no longer be taking 15-30 minutes at shift start/end for a shift turnover (you know.. that thing aircraft techs do to make sure no stupid mistakes get made)


instead of taking the time to tell your replacement whats done/what needs doing and whats being wierd today every work station will have a log book wich you are to use to write down anything you think the next guy will need to know

this is going to be awesome!

(hell i cant even read half the guys handwriting)

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