Last day out and I found a motivator.

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Mrs. Grind and I decided this would be the last day out and about given the trend to close everything. Right when I need a haircut, I can no longer go out and get one. (They still sell the Flowbee...hmm...) Anyway, we loaded up the kids, and went to the Lego and minifigure store. My youngest picked out her birthday present (for tomorrow, what a time to turn seven.) And my oldest picked out a few parts.


I know I’m going to be at home in the future either with seriously cut back airline schedules (we still see some route demand) or I get sick and will have more time to do things I’ve been wanting to either learn (writing more well better gooder fiction) or get busy with around the house. I have a serious problem with distraction. Games, youtube channels,etc. So I went and built myself a whip-cracker out of their build-a-fig parts bins.

After this day, we are done going out and sheltering. I have a crap tonne of notebooks, pencils, materials and guides and whatever I could possibly want, plus enough rocket projects to last months on my workbench. I just have to stop playing Wreckfest and other fun but light mindless games.


I have yet to properly name Mr. Bossman, but he is on my desk making me get to work. Mac McWhipperson?

What say you?

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