I want one for a rarity value, but probably wouldn't drive it daily. Stock 3800 pre-Series 1 and 4-speed slush means it drives like any number of less rare metal. But it is unique and interesting looking. And wasn't that a hallmark of malaise era? A body writing checks the engine was in no condition to cash?

When I had a 90s riviera, one guy on the forums hit a deer with his riv and used the supercharged series II 3800 out of it as an engine transplant. Now THAT I would drive as a sleeper on woodward. Take out more unsuspecting chumps in ions and civics with an exhaust who think they're hot shit. My stock riviera did some good ass-kicking with a normal 3800 S/C, so I imagine in a much lighter body and more upgrades it would be a killer.


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