This is a clean one and they look good in black. I was thinking these are the trucks to buy right now. I hate the roundy dash in them though, wish it was a nice squared off dash. Ugly dashes bug me, can you tell? You are in the car looking at it, it’s where you spend all your time.
A very anti porn and prostitution Yaris. I guess the Priuseses can have the green stickers, Yaris is against porn?
This neighbor of mine had the only one of these in the area that I saw, it was a non V, now he swapped I guess and had a V shipped in to replace it. He’s a tech nerd who looks like he should be in a high school lunch room, probably works at Google.
A rare china blue W123
A very clean example.


I was on the side of the building and spotted some orange, I hate beetles but it looked very SF.
A ponton in a rich neighborhood. These people have driveways and garages, the police give me shit in my neighborhood and these people just park whatever in the median across from their house and nobody does anything. That is unfair.
I’ve seen some of these driving, this is the first parked.