Last night at the Phils game, Murph, the roving game reporter, came across two lady fans, one of whom was wearing a Red Sox jacket. Murph gave them the mic to tell their story: they were runners in the Boston Marathon, and after more than 25 miles of running and the bombings, they were tired, cold, disoriented, and scared, surrounded by people running in all directions.

A kind Boston resident gave the woman his Red Sox jacket to keep warm on the cold day, and later refused to take it back, so she kept it and wore it to the game, despite the potential ire she'd draw from some of the more enebriated fans. T-Mac (the play-by-play guy) promised the Bostonite, if he was watching, that as soon as they find out his info they'd be sending him a new Phillies jacket as thanks for his simple gesture. Cool beans.