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Last night Galaxie fixes list

Temperature sending unit, all hoses, coolant, solders/splices for temp gauge, main ignition, and oil pressure wires, gauge voltage regulator, and carburetor (rebuilt). As a note, an Autolite/Motorcraft 2100 is very easy to rebuild.

Carb kit was ~$20, sensor was ~$5, rad hoses were ~$30 each, small elbow hose was $5, regulator was $55, and I used some existing 5/8" heater hose for the heater lines. This thing is cheap to work on, but nickel-and-diming is a thing.


Also, the engine bay is cavernous, but you probably knew that. The suspension doesn’t rise appreciably above the frame rails, so there aren’t even big wheel well intrusions.

Here’s one with... much more engine than mine, and you could still fit three sacks of grain next to the engine on the driver’s side.

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