Out at a bar with some friends. The only one with who brought a car. Couldn’t drive 2 of them home.

I rarely used the rear seats on the 300ZXs I had so I took the plunge into a 2-seater as my only car. Everyone in the world has a bigger car anyway, if we ever need seats or storage mine is left at home. It’s grand and it’s never been an issue in the 3 years I’ve had it, I’ve even taken it on holiday with luggage for 2. Until now.

But it’s not so bad. It didn’t even really inconvenience me. It inconvenienced them. And she ended up taking the train home with her man anyway rather than going to her place.

And anyway. I don’t wanna get too ImmortalMinority about it (hi IM!) but. The feeling I get from going out to a bar for a few hours in a mid-engined 2-seater targa - it’s special. It’s worth it many many times over, compared to the small amount of inconvenience compared to a bigger car. I’m living the midship runabout life and it’s great.