Except without the car, or the talent.

Last night after coming home from an amazing BBQ and bonfire that lasted till about 3am, the GPS decided to be a bit saucy and suggested a different route home then I have done before. I was using the GPS to help keep me awake by barking orders at me every once and a while so I decided that rather then just continue on my usual way, I took this detour and trust me, it was so worth it.

Here is a link to a Google Maps layout of the roads it took me down and let me tell you, that none of the straight lines you see on that map exist in any way, shape or form.


I was in heaven, it was like someone hand-picked a rally stage from Finland and placed it here just for me. The road it took me down was a narrow country lane, unpaved and hard packed gravel. There were twists, turns, hills, valleys and everything else you can imagine including 2 great little narrow bridges where I only had a few feet to spare. All this with dense forest around you, so much fun.

I did this late at night so it was pitch black which added to the sensation of speed. I fired on my high beams which were good at lighting some of the trail but of course when you were cresting a hill you were headed into the inky blackness. It was heaven.

I have not driven on roads like this in a long time so I wanted to savour it. I did this section at about 50km/h and trust me I wanted to do more. I was not familiar with the road so I didn't dare push it any harder then that but it had me wanting to do it again.


What I wouldn't have given for a mildly prep'd Subaru rally car or something a bit more nimble then my Ford Flex AWD and a co-driver giving me pace notes. When I have something a bit more sporty I may just do the ride again but with cameras so I can capture some of the fun of this little slice of heaven.

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