Last Rallycross of the season

This was my first full season running RallyX, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Started out with the rent-a-racer scheme and then bought this black and white 2 tons of fun.

Morning course was so tight even the Miatas were struggling with it, let alone this barge. Fought back in the afternoon when the course was reversed and opened up considerably.


Got to be a halfway decent driver over the course of the year, even while fighting an open diff and well worn all-seasons. Managed a respectable 3rd in a stock rear wheel drive class of 9 cars at this event behind an NB Miata and an AMG Mercedes, so I’m pretty happy. (and the Mercedes driver had to run his last 3 runs in my car because his car was well and truly broken by then)

I’ll take my impromptu victory in the honorary “Spec Crown Vic” class too, lol.

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