Half rendering, half design. Mostly continuing the direction I was going with it, but I still think a big amount of surface development would help it be more SAAB. But more real-world thought about surfaces and buildable details on this last one. It shouldn’t have the hard line on the rear, really. I haven’t rendered much by hand in what feels like forever, almost all the work I do is 3D shit, and I never get to make those look as sweet as I know I could.

Only have so much time for workouts. I can see in my head what I’d rather it was, but I don’t have the time or the hand. Hence the practice.


Thanks again, as always, Oppo. Tomorrow it’s on to the next suggestion. Today we had a storm, and a big tree fell in front of my studio, and I’m listening to U2 for the first time in like 20 years.

Y’all are the best.