Leaves rustled gently in the cool Canadian air, the darkness of the night casting a cool blanket over the countryside

James looked down at the back light dash, noting the speed, but focusing on the trip meter. Some quick mental math led him to realize he didn’t need to have another gas stop on his way to his storage.

He adjusted his position on the bike. 4 hours sitting still was never easy for anything, but more so when exposed to the elements on a 15 year old Suzuki.

He thought back to the start of his trip. The traffic he encountered was unusually heavy, leading to delays and a lot of stop and go. Not that it bother him or his bike. The 03 SV had been his faithful companion for the past 10 years, having bought it off a collector who had to that the Copper color. When James picked it up, the bike had an inch of dust on it, odometer barely registering 500km.

Of course, that was 10 years in the past. The machine that was running the black top beneath him was far from that stock bike so long ago. A full set of lower panels, upgrades suspension and brakes, and a mild amount of motor work turned the docile little SV he picked up onto an agile, corner carving weapon. She still wasn’t fast. But James had shamed many fast, more powerful machines with the little V-twin.


In the distance, he noted that he could no longer see the stars, and the horizon had filled with an ominous dark grey.

‘That doesn’t look good’, He murmured to himself, double checking his speed and wondering how much longer it would take him to get to his destination

just them, a flash of lightning arced across the pitch black sky, illuminating the dark, towering thunder storm behind it. A split second later, a thunder clap loud enough to shake James to his core rang through the valley, signally the start of an epic rainstorm.

James had already opened the throttle, not wanting to get caught in the rain. At the very least, he wanted to minimize the amount of cleaning he had to do once he got to the end.

Blasting through the country side, needle buried in the redline, James kept a watch up eye on the clouds. The twin headlights pierced the dark night, lighting up the road as the bright orange bike made its way between the trees and fallen leaves.

Then, he heard it. The familiar pitter patter of rain drops had started. Keeping the throttle pinned, James tried to convince himself that it was just his imagination. But the headlights confirming his fear, and he rolled off the go handle, letting the bike slow. The rain started to come down harder and faster, the pitter patter turning into a dull, constant roar.


Reaching down, James flicked on his auxiliary lights. Having run into one too many wild animals on his late night travels, he had set up the little SV with enough headlights to mimic the sun. 2 LED strips on the sides and a third under the nose burst into life, making the road ahead as clear as day. The rain had started to soak through James’s gear, and the cold night air started to get to him. He pressed on, closing the distance to his destination.

By the time He pulled into the drive way of his cottage, James was thoroughly soaked. As he peeled himself off the bike, he squeezed his hands, water pouring out of his sleeves and dumping itself all over the ground. Pulling the garage poor open, he welcomed the warm air inside, taking a minute to savior it before turning around and pulling the bike in. Shutting the motor off, he pulled his backpack off, listening to the engine ticking itself cool.


Ducking inside, he grabbed some tequila from the fridge and jumped in the shower. He normally didn’t drink tequila straight. Normally, he didn’t even drink tequila. But the heat it offered as it burned his through on the way down was welcomed, just as the warm water coming from the shower head.

Outside, the storm thundered and roared on, shaking trees and scattering animals. Inside, James basked in the steam from the shower, reveling in the warmth.

After his shower, he changed into his night clothes and plonked himself on the couch. Ordering a pizza, he cracked open a beer and turned on the TV, eager to catch up to his series.

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