Did a lot this year but i think one of the coolest was my off-road adventure up the back road yo crown king. Those in phoenix may know that this is a challenging trail not for stock vehicles, so i took my mostly stock but slightly lifted 2000 Dodge Durango R/T all the way up it to the sleepy town of Crown King. It was a challenge, i face many obsticales i had never tackled before and made it all the way without destroying my daily driver. I did beat up the factory running boards and may have completely lost a skidplate in the process, but i got up a trail that many built jeeps have issues with, it felt great. Sadly i didnt get many pictures cause i was driving, but i had my dashcam rolling, so at somepoint i will have to put that footage together. I hope everyone makes it all the way to the top of their choosen adventure in 2020. Happy New Years everyone !


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