2002 was the last time we saw the Continental from Lincoln, in retrospect it was a handsome sporty looking granny pusher,technically it was a Stretched Taurus. Replaced in spirit by the Taurus based Mark-S (Shh, I can call it what I want).


The reason I bring this up is because I don't believe this is Lincolns only Flagship. We forget about the Navigator . The Navigator has been filling the role of the "affordable" Escalade, and offers a very competitive sense of entry level Luxury.

I feel as if the Germans aren't their target unlike Cadillac, Ford is going straight to China. The Asian Market which is perfect. That gives them less to worry about and that means Hyundai and Lexus should really be taking Lincoln seriously. I'm perfectly fine with this, Let Lincoln handle the Asians and Cadillac the Germans Two completely different Niche's for two completely different Marques.


If we forgo the top of the line German Rivals (BMW,Mercedes,Audi). That leaves Lincoln with The Lexus LS, Hyundai Equus, and the Cadillac XTS.

In all essence, what is seperating this car from a Taurus Titanium , it's still on the D6 Chassis unless they completely rework the infrastructure for this car I really don't think theres going to be a difference. But we've seen the Interior to this car and it is top class, but is that what it takes to be considered a Flagship Luxury car, will Lincoln be able to make a name for themselves in one generation, if they fail will this mean the end of lincoln ?


Next time, the Bentley's next door accuse Lincoln of Plagiarism !

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